The Open Learning Center

Opatel Learning Center - Courses in EnglishAt the Open Learning Center you learn by combining a self-study and supervised study in a way that suits you best. At your own pace you will follow video, audio and textual learning modules. Our specialised Office teacher is present to support you and help you one on one when necessary. You can always start a course at short notice in Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam.

Opatel Leercentrum

Self-study, supplemented with help from a teacher

The concept of the Open Learning Center was developed from the idea that everyone has their own learning style. One may be more visually orientated and another more auditory. Some prefer to read instructions and others prefer hands-on learning. In the Open Learning Center we ensure that everyone can study with a suitable learning method. You will make use of, video material via the computer, audio explanation by means of headphones, a textbook and one on one help from a teacher.

Flexible studying at your own pace

Long waiting lists are a thing of the past. In the Open Learning Center you can always start a course at short notice. Although each course mentions a number of half day sessions or full days, you may complete the course in fewer or more sessions/days; the course is completed once you have passed the final test.

Plan your own days

On the first day the trainer will give you access to an online calendar in which you can plan your following sessions. Below are the Open Learning Center opening times per city.

Rotterdam Every day for support by phone and email
Tuesday till Friday 13.00 – 16.00

Utrecht Every day for support by phone and email
Tuesday till Friday 10.00 – 16.00

Amsterdam Every day for support by phone and email
Monday 10.00 – 16.00

Customized courses with a valuable certificate

A course in the Open Learning Center is in fact always a customized course. You can take a complete training course or you can select a number of specific subjects. By working with modules every participant gets suitable learning material. Would you like to use material from your work? No problem. With the personal help from our Office teacher we guarantee that the course will run smoothly. You will complete the course with a final test. The certificate is of value, because it proves that you master the subjects. If you would like we can determine your skills level free of charge by means of  an interview.

The New Training Method

The Office courses in the Open Learning Center have been developed from the concept of The New Training Method. In a pleasant and efficient way we know how to teach people, with different learning methods, to make full use of the program’s capabilities. The New training Method is based on 6 points:

1. Hands-on learning
Our courses are hands-on with many engaging examples. We teach you what you can do with the application and how to become proficient in Office.

2. Learning by doing
Developing skills through guided use of the application.

3. Starts daily
Need to improve your Office skills? All Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access courses start every Monday and Wednesday in Rotterdam and daily in Utrecht.

4. Authentic learning experience
You will work with the official software and not in a simulated environment. The realistic environment fits in well with practical situations. A teacher is available at all times to explain what may be improved.

5. Modules
You can take a complete course, but the learning modules make it possible to quickly master a specific subject or function.

6. Your own learning method
Each student follows their own preferred learning style. The blended learning with audio, video, courseware and a teacher appeal to all the senses. You will receive a textbook as extra courseware.