The Opatel Learning Center

The Opatel Learning Center (OLC) is a combination of e-learning and classroom learning. In a digital learning environment at one of Opatel’s locations you work in your own workstation at your own pace. There is a teacher present at all times to help answer questions or indicate which subjects are important in order for you to reach your goals. This formula is ideal for training groups with students at different levels.

Het Opatel Leercentrum in Rotterdam

The Opatel Learning Center in Rotterdam

A personal learning environment

At the OLC each student follows a course that is based on their level of expertise. Very handy if you want to take the course together with your colleagues. You can choose to follow a course in either Dutch or English.  At the beginning of the course you will receive a manual. The course ends with a test. After completion you will receive a certificate and you will have a year long access to the online environment so you can practise or review subjects at any time and anywhere. (You must have access to internet.)

How the OLC works

The courses available are Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access at all levels.You can choose a standard course (Basic, Advanced or Expert) or a custom made course. If you choose a custom made course, then please say so in the comment field when registering. We will then contact you and see which modules are best suited to meet your needs. On the day of the course, learning modules made up of, audio, visual and interactive multi media activities, will be ready for you in our digital learning environment,

In our digital training environment you will have your own workspace with a PC and headphones. A teacher is present at all times to explain how the OLC works and help you answer any questions. After logging in  with your personal password, you can follow the course and make the exercises at your own pace. Since the application is interactive, you will immediately see the results.

At the beginning of the course you will receive a manual. Once you have completed all the modules you will  finish the course with a test. The results are immediately available and can be printed and any mistakes will be explained. After completion you will receive a certificate and with your password you will have a year long, access to the online environment.

Please note: at the Opatel Learning Center you can only take Microsoft (operating system) versions of Office.