Online cursus Illustrator ACP

 199,00 excl. BTW

Taal: Engels
Inhoud: 7 uur video tutorials, oefeningen
Geldigheid: 1 jaar
Versies: CC

In deze online cursus Illustrator leer je het programma door en door kennen. De cursus leidt ook op voor het ACP examen. Behaal je dit ACP certificaat, dan ben je Adobe Certified Professional. Na betaling staat je online cursus binnen twee werkdagen voor je klaar.


  • Getting acquainted with Adobe Illustrator
  • What is Illustrator’s place in the world
  • The essentials workspace & opening a file
  • Tools, panels & rulers
  • Zooming in & out
  • Managing artboards, rulers, grids & guides
  • Outline & preview modes
  • Basic documents & shapes
  • Creating a new document
  • Drawing & modifying a simple shape
  • Drawing rounded rectangles & ellipses
  • Drawing polygons, stars & lens flares
  • Special shapes: lines, arches, spirals & more
  • Selecting objects
  • Drawing & modifying shapes
  • Understanding bezier paths
  • Draw & edit with the pencil, smooth & path eraser tools
  • Direct selection tool for bezier paths
  • Pen tool basics: drawing straight lines
  • Drawing curves with the pen tool
  • Using the convert anchor point tool
  • Splitting, joining & converting paths
  • Making sense of the pen tool’s mouse pointers
  • Tracing an image using the pen tool
  • Painting with the brush & blob brush tools
  • The eraser, scissors & knife tools
  • Color modes and color spaces
  • Color modes: RGB vs. CMYK
  • The color panel
  • The swatches panel
  • Applying gradients
  • Creating a style
  • Appearance of black
  • Stroking paths
  • Applying strokes with the control panel
  • Applying strokes with the stroke panel
  • Variable width tool
  • Using the offset path tool
  • Applying a gradient to a stroke
  • Modifying objects
  • Transforming objects
  • Creating a cool effect with the transform each command
  • The free transform tool
  • Grouping objects & creating compound paths
  • Editing objects using isolation mode
  • Pathfinder panel
  • Shape builder tool
  • Blending shapes with the blend tool
  • Using the blend tool with symbols
  • Organizing objects
  • Aligning & distributing objects
  • Changing the stacking order
  • Using the layers panel
  • Using type in Illustrator
  • Creating, editing & formatting type
  • Fitting a paragraph of text into an area or shape
  • The area type tool
  • The touch type tool
  • Placing type on a path
  • Using the appearance panel to apply a gradient
  • Outputting your work
  • Printing
  • Saving an adobe pdf
  • Saving for web
  • Using tiling to print large documents
  • Packaging files
  • Sharing your work on behance
  • Customizing Illustrator
  • Customizing panels, workspaces and keyboard shortcuts
  • Setting preferences

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