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Excel Course Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht - Opatel LeercentrumEach course in the Open Learning Center (OLC) is a combination of self-study and supervised study. You will study and make assignments at your own pace in a multimedia learning environment. A teacher will be present to answer your questions and help you when necessary. This course can always be taken at short notice. Read all about the Open Learning Center.

Het Opatel Leercentrum in Rotterdam

The Open Learning Center in Rotterdam

What do you learn during this course?

In this Excel course for beginners you will learn how to make spreadsheets using calculations and formulas. We will cover the look and design of the worksheet and teach you how to make captivating charts to represent your data. Once you have mastered the material, you will sit a certified exam. The average course duration is 2 days.

Plan your own days

On the first day the trainer will give you access to an online calendar in which you can plan your following sessions.


This beginners course is for those with little or no Excel experience. Not sure which Excel course to take? Call or email for non-binding advice.

For whom is this course intended?

The Open Learning Center (OLC) offers efficient courses at short notice. You are not dependent on tight schedules. The OLC is the ideal solution for groups of participants with mixed skill levels.

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Do you like this method of learning? The Excel Advanced course in the OLC seamlessly continues on from this Basics course.

Course content
    • Excel basics
    • Starting Excel and viewing the program window
    • The Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Opening and closing files
    • Worksheets
    • Navigating through a worksheet
    • Exercises
    • Creating a new file
    • Entering data
    • Save a file
    • Entering data and creating simple formulas
    • Cutting, copying and pasting
    • Calculate with simple formulas
    • Copying formulas
    • Create a simple invoice
    • Exercises
    • AutoSum
    • Using a template
    • Close Excel
    • The help function
    • Set options
    • Save files as a different type
    • Exercises
    • Formatting numbers, text and cells
    • Selecting
    • ont options
    • Options for Alignment
    • Options for number
    • Column width and row height
    • Cell Styles
    • Inserting columns, rows or separate cells
    • Erase formatting and copying formatting
    • Fill handle
    • Exercises
    • Sorting, Searching (duration 30 minutes)
    • Sorting
    • Find and Replace
    • Freeze Panes
    • Charts (duration 2 hours)
    • Insert and design charts
    • Edit chart
    • Edit chart parts
    • Copy chart
    • Exercises
    • Page settings and printing
    • Page settings
    • Scale to page
    • Sheet options
    • Header and footer
    • Printing
    • Exercises
    • Calculation functions
    • Calculation functions (Extra material/ECDL)
    • Absolute and relative cell references
    • Absolute en relative cell references (Extra material/ECDL)
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