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Excel Course Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht - Opatel LeercentrumThe Excel Advanced course in the Open Learning Center is a combination of self-study and supervised study. At your own pace you will follow video and audio tutorials and do assignments from a coursebook, under the guidance of our MS Office teacher. Once you have mastered the curriculum (subjects) you will take a certified test. Read all about The Open Learning Center here.

Het Opatel Leercentrum in Rotterdam

The Open Learning Center in Rotterdam

What do you learn during this course?

In the Excel Advanced course you will learn the more advanced functions of Excel. Important features of this course are among other things using Pivot Tables, logical functions and conditional formatting. The average course duration is 2 days.


If you would like to take this course, a working knowledge or experience of using Excel is a prerequisite. To be sure you are optimally prepared, take the Excel for beginners course beforehand.

For whom is this course intended?

Do you like to study independently whenever you want  then The Open Learning Center (OLC) is the ideal solution. For groups of colleagues the OLC is perfect because participants receive the curriculum that fits their skill level and everyone learns at their own pace. Read all about the OLC here.

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In our webshop you can find the online course Excel Expert, a course for the diehard Excel users. Would you like to become a Microsoft Office Specialist? Then take a MOS exam at Opatel.

Course content
    • Adjusting user interface (duration 30 minutes)
    • Adjusting interface: Quick Access Toolbar
    • Adjusting interface: The Ribbon
    • Working with multiple sheets
    • Working with multiple sheets
    • Calculations on mutliple sheets
    • Disconnecting sheets, connecting files
    • Datavalidation and comments
    • Data validation and drop down lists
    • Editing: using comments
    • Tables and data sheets
    • Pivot tables and charts (duration 2 hours)
    • Pivot tables
    • Pivot chart
    • Macros (duration 30 minutes)
    • Macros
    • Advanced chart options
    • Advanced chart options
    • Using trendlines
    • Sparklines
    • Formula auditing and templates
    • Formula auditing options
    • Creating and using Templates
    • Using Cell names
    • Functions
    • Calculation functions
    • Logical functions
    • Functions: IF, AND, ; Amount.if, Sum.if
    • Vertical look up
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Conditional Formatting
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